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Blue and Grey Room

Would you like to have a blue and grey room in your home? Does it make you feel calm? Does the color blue remind you of the clear blue water in the Caribbean? What about the blue sky on a clear sunny day? The answers to these questions resulted in choosing the colors blue and grey in this bedroom.

I have designed many years and have noticed that the master bedroom is always the last room to be decorated. While the master bedroom is in need of some design help, most homeowners would rather start decorating the main or first floor which is the area that every visitor sees. Makes sense to me. After all, they call the main floor common space and the second floor private space. So, after the first floor has been decorated, clients move on to the kids’ rooms. Hence, the point that I’m trying to make. Even the basements are designed and decorated before the master bedroom because families see this as usable free space. But we shouldn’t forget about the master bedroom. After all, the ones paying the mortgage occupy this space. They deserve a beautiful comfortable room of their own. Don’t you think?

This bedroom was a decorating project. I used paint, furniture pieces, textiles and accessories to decorate this bedroom.  As in most of my interior work, I chose the paint color for the walls first. The paint color that I chose was Palladium Blue by Benjamin Moore in a matte finish.  To give the bedroom more interest, I mixed different shades of blue and grey throughout the room.  The bedding is an example of mixing various patterns and color hues.  It is not my design style to match items or buy all my items at one retail store. So, I purchased the white quilt and white shams at Bed, Bath and Beyond and the remaining bedding from West Elm. Be sure to shop around.

My design style is the repetition of color, wood and metal finish.  I repeated the dark charcoal grey color shown in the bed frame with an area rug, curtain rod and picture frames.  I did the same repetition method with the silver metal finish represented in the lamp base and flower vase. See, repetition! Finally, if you use this method of repetition, your room will have a cohesive look.

In conclusion, I hope my tips on decorating a blue and grey room have been helpful to you!

Credit – Photography: Millie B/By Millie B Photography