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Contemporary Media Room

Can we be so lucky to have a media room in our own home? These clients sure are. The conception of this contemporary media room design began with the client’s children. They wanted a larger space to watch television, play their video games and entertain friends.

This design project started as a bare bone space with just concrete – the typical basement space. I designed the preliminary AutoCAD drawings and worked with a general contractor to build my vision for this media room. The clients went all out on media equipment and acoustical sound barriers as shown with the red fabric panels around the room. We got creative by hiding the speakers behind mesh heavy duty naturally-looking fabric. I did not want hardware on the cabinets. So I opted for the custom cabinets that housed the media equipment to be a touch panel.

In the design, I incorporated a snack and beverage area so the clients did not have to go back into the main house when they got hungry for snacks. I added a microwave for popping popcorn, beverage refrigerator and hidden garbage dispenser. The client requested having clean lines so we went with contemporary mosaic tiles and a marble counter top. They also wanted their media room to have a contemporary style and not have the traditional dark movie theater feel. We chose the color red and a natural wood finish because it was the client’s favorite color and wood finish.

Having a powder room in this space is a must-have. Who wants to run back upstairs to use the bathroom and miss the movie? I continued with having the streamlined modern style in the powder room. We installed a white Byzantine mosaic tile from floor to ceiling and slate tile for the floor. Instead of the lighter natural finish that we designed for the main room, we decided on a darker finish for the vanity. We also installed the faucet on the wall as oppose to the sink itself. Pretty cool right?

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a photo of the finished look filled with furniture and accessories. But I was happy with the outcome of this room. My clients love the results and enjoy this media room on a daily basis. I am grateful to have worked with such a lovely family.