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Styling Kids

Fun at the farm for our Fall photo shoot. What is that saying?.. A beautiful photo tells a story.

For these photos, we decided to travel to a local farm. When we arrived there, we soon realized that the fields and trees were bare. The fields did have wheat which were still very pretty and represented Fall.

Keeping the Fall season in mind, I wanted to choose clothing that represented Autumn. My color scheme for the kids’ outfits were orange, navy, cream & denim. I jumped on the band wagon and decided to color coordinate my outfit as well. Just as I am not a fan of matching furniture pieces, I feel the same way about matching outfits. So I had the boys wear the opposing color combination. I like to color coordinate the outfits rather than to perfectly match them. I think it has a more cohesive, coordinated & fashionable look.  As you browse through my blog, you will notice the same pattern and trend in the way that I style outfits. I like to mix patterns and textures. This style is very similar to the way I design an interior room.  I purchased the Ralph Lauren quilted vests, plaid button down long sleeve shirts and half zip sweaters from Bloomingdales. I kept the outfits casual by having the boys wear denim jeans.

Here are my tips on a preparing for a family photo shoot:

  1. Pick your desired outdoor location
  2. Decide on your color scheme for the outfits. I always suggest colorful clothing.
  3. Start browsing your favorite clothing stores online and compare pricing between retailers. Do this step at least two weeks in advance because you need time for items to be shipped or you can also pick up items in the store if you feel more comfortable seeing the items in person. Once you figure out what article of clothing you want to stand out in the photo, then choose several different shirts or sweaters to coordinate with it. In these photos, I wanted the quilted vest to be the focal point of the outfits. I purchased various sweaters and button down shirts that would coordinate with it and chose the one I liked the best.
  4. Tell the kids that you are having the photo shoot and bribe, yes I said it…bribe them with goodies. Children, no matter how much stamina they may have, they would rather be playing than standing in front of a camera.
  5. Keep the photo shoot at a minimum of 30 minutes.
  6. If the kids need a break, give them one. No one wants a pouty unhappy expression on their child in the photos.
  7. Listen to your photographer’s suggestions. She IS the photographer and knows what she’s doing.
  8. Lastly, be yourself and have FUN! These are the memories you want to look back on.

It was a great afternoon with my boys! We played in the fields during our photo shoot and afterwards grabbed cinnamon donuts and apple cider, their bribe reward!  😉  Thanks to Millie for capturing these precious moments for me!

Credit – Photography: Millie B/By Millie B Photography

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