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Easy DIY Project Shelves

Do you want to know how to customize and create a stylish wall shelf? Well, here are my tips on how to do just that!

This easy DIY project for my craft room and home office was simple. I wanted the look of a high end shelf but did not want to spend a lot of money.  After admiring the pricey shelving collection at West Elm, I did an online search for similar items and it took me to the Ikea website.

So I made a shopping trip to Ikea and purchased the Ekby Valter brackets and Ekby Tony shelves. The brackets were inexpensive, modern-looking and support the weight of the shelves. I really love a deal! However, the brackets unfortunately were only available in two wood finishes: black or birch. I wanted to be able to customize the brackets so I purchased the birch/natural finish. I thought to myself, “why not paint the bracket with my own color choice?”  The paint color I chose was a navy color called Newburyport Blue by Benjamin Moore in a semi-gloss finish.

Before we begin with the DIY instructions, please note that this post contains affiliate links which are recommendations for items or products that I love and want to feature. The items linked in this post are items that I purchased and were not given to me. If you decide to purchase these products through the affiliated links found in my blog or post, I will get paid a very small commission.  I appreciate your trust and therefore only make suggestions for items that I use to help achieve high end- like results and that I am wholeheartedly enthusiastic about.  Thank you for your trust in my recommendations, and now let’s move on to the DIY project.

Here are the supplies you need as shown in the photo below. I purchased a few of my supplies at my local paint store and this trim roller and tray which were pretty handy.  The roller was easy to use and gave the bracket a smooth paint finish. The tray is a bonus since there is no cleaning needed and is also disposable.



Painting brackets:

  1. Lay out your craft paper and place your supplies on top. This set-up will make for an easy clean-up process and will also keep your work surface free of paint stains.
  2. Pour a small amount of paint into the small plastic tray. You do not need to sand the brackets because they are a birch/natural finish. You can begin directly applying the paint on the bracket. I applied three coats of the semi-gloss paint allowing it to dry 20 minutes in between coats.
  3. Painting the brackets should take you no more than two hours. Once you have finished painting, leave the brackets on the craft paper and let it dry for 24 hours.
  4. Install your brackets using wall anchors to sustain the weight of books and magazines. Make sure to use a level.
  5. Take your shelf and place them on top of the brackets.
  6. Once the shelves are installed, you can finally decorate your shelves with pretty and personal accessories.

This project was uncomplicated and did not require a lot of expensive materials. Overall, I am happy and was able to achieve a contemporary and stylish look at a reasonable price. I hope you enjoyed my easy diy project!

My craft and home office is still a work in progress. I need a few more key furniture pieces to complete my space. My next post will be the reveal. I can’t wait to share it with you!