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Vintage Tea Party

This adorable vintage tea party that we designed for Emily’s 7th Birthday was featured on a very popular blog. Kara’s Party Ideas. See our Vintage Tea Party featured here.

This vintage tea party theme was chosen by Emily. She loves to have tea parties with her dolls. Emily also loves the color purple. Therefore, we made sure to incorporate her favorite color into the design. We gave this tea party a vintage vibe by adding Turkish lace table cloths that were borrowed from a friend. Decorative platters and dishes were covered with inexpensive paper doillies that were purchased from a discount retail store.  The centerpiece to this tea party display was the refurbished sewing table. This sewing table was revived by painting it white, distressing the color and adding gold trim.  The table was a great find only costing $20! It turned out to be a beautiful furniture piece and refurbished nicely by Millie of Mad for Lovely. This table set the tone for this vintage tea party. Other vintage touches were the antique amber and green bowls used as a flower compote and bowl that housed the favor sachets.  Both bowls were purchased at a local estate sale.

We also wanted the party to very girly as well as vintage-like. Therefore we DIY’ed paper tissue flowers in varying sizes and in colors that coordinated with the color purple. Emily added her own touch and accessorized her outfit with this adorable purple feather boa. The mini green tea cups and saucers were a DIY project that I did. They are actually espresso cups and saucers that were sprayed with green paint. I painted the espresso cups and saucers with gold accent trim to mimic the gold trim on the sewing table. The tea cups were a perfect size for little girls.  The “Tea Time” banner was another DIY project done by me. It was super easy and reasonable. I purchased the white cardboard matted frames in a pack, cardboard letters, gold ribbon and pretty stationary paper that coordinated with our theme. All of these items were purchased from Michaels craft store.

The baked goods and amazing fondant cake were delicious and created by Mad for Lovely.  Instead of tea sandwiches and crumpets, Mad for Lovely created yummy mini and bite-sized desserts and chicken scones.  Ice tea was also served for the children. The adorable tea cups and kettle sugar cookies were made by Theresa Bourchele, a local mom and talented baker.

The party turned out to be a success! Emily was thrilled and smiling from ear to ear.

Credits –  Planning & Styling: Gracey Lane / Photography : By Millie B Photography /Baked goods: Mad For Lovely/Sugar Cookies: Theresa Bourchele

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